Currency Introduces Fundamental Economic Weakness

When we allow fiat currency to represent a singular, all-encompassing value, we introduce a security vulnerability into our system. Currency is a single item, to which all other items are directly connected. As a result, whomever controls the money, controls all trade. Our markets are not strong. They rely solely on consumer spending, and this is not sustainable. Our purpose here is to create a trading market that dispenses with currency and create a trading platform without the inherent weakness of fiat currency.

Fiat currency economic structure is inherently weak
Relative Item Value Indexing is very robust


What is security? Well, what sort of things do we want to keep secure? First thing that comes to mind is a door. Why does a door need security?

What is the function of a door? Quite simply, a part of a wall that opens, allowing a person to move through the wall.

Does a wall need security? Certainly not, it IS the security. The purpose of a wall is to keep things out. A door is designed to let things in, but only sometimes, and at the owner's discretion.

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